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“I would highly recommend Amherst Orthodontics to other families needing braces. It was an enjoyable and painless experience for us! The incentives were great and the appointment shuttle was a huge convenience! Top notch doctor, staff and care! A+ in our book. Proof is in both Christian and Erin’s smiles. Thank you!

— Sheila S.

"There are many aspects of our experience at Amherst Orthodontics that my family and I appreciate, including the atmosphere and friendliness of the office and staff. However, one characteristic in particular that makes their service stand out to me: their linguistic skills. Dr. Diane has a manner of showing what she is about to do and explaining in a simple and yet respectful way to my 8-year-old daughter that makes her, and consequently, me, feel at ease. She shows her the tools or objects she is about to use, their purpose, and how they will be used. She gives procedural and sensory information, but also demonstrations and reasons for it. The language is technical and yet age-appropriate. She also welcomes any question my daughter might have and answers with clarity. My daughter feels she is on top of what is about to happen, and I know she is more compliant even at home because of it. The staff also knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome using personal communication.

Some people might prefer the fairy talk for their children at the dentist, where tools are referred to as "Mr. Thirsty" for the suction or "Mr. Toothbrush that gets rid of the evil Sugar Bugs." However, we love the way Dr. Diane and her staff talk to us, and our children. We feel respected and more educated after each visit!"

— Sara C.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys! You were the best with my son, my daughter, and me!! It was a family affair for sure!! Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts! Who knew that having braces could be FUN!?”

— Deb

"All 3 of my children have been with Amherst Orthodontics and I would send a 4th if I had one. When we were choosing an orthodontist, we visited 3 different offices. What sold me (and kept me coming) was the ability to work together with the doctor on a plan for my kids' braces, that the doctor and office staff listened to what I had to say, that there were flexible payment options and a very convenient location from my kids' schools. Also important to myself and my kids is that the atmosphere of the office was so friendly and not at all intimidating. My kids all loved the rewards for 'good behavior' too - brushing well, being on time to appointments, etc."

— Joyce P.

“I so appreciate the excellent care here - all around. We are in such capable and caring hands - that is very reassuring since a great smile is something that will be with us a very long time! I especially appreciate that any questions about care are answered patiently and thoroughly. Wonderfully courteous staff as well”

— Elizabeth N.

“As a parent, when you say you have to go to the orthodontist and the kid goes yahoo that is a pretty exciting thing. That’s one of things we like about it here. They really make you and kids comfortable wanting to come.”

— Lauren P.

“I know without a doubt that my patients will have a great smile when they come to here. Ultimately I think they get the best result.”

— Betsy G., hygienist

“The doctor here is wonderful. She is very approachable and will call on the phone if I didn’t get to touch base and I had a question about something. She is always available for questions.”

— Debbie M.

“As a dental hygienist, I have recommended Amherst Orthodontics to all of my patients. I have had two children achieve beautiful “perfect” smiles with Amherst Orthodontics. Dr. Diane and staff are very professional, friendly, accommodating, and fun! Thank you and we will miss our monthly visits.”

— Shelly K.

“I would recommend Amherst Orthodontics to anybody that needs to have treatment either for themselves or their children, because they can work well with every member of family. We totally think that everyone should go to AO to get quality care.”

— Lisa H.

“Thank you so much for my beautiful smile! Even though I might not have liked my braces in the past, it was so worth it for these gorgeous teeth. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done and how hard you worked to make me this happy. Thank you so much again!”

— Hannah

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