Appointment Shuttle

We go the extra mile ... for your child’s smile!

Did you know that Amherst Orthodontics has a complimentary appointment shuttle? 

stock photo of a teen boyBeing a working parent, Dr. Diane understands daily challenges: work, kids, sports, and LIFE! Our practice is dedicated to excellent customer service and launched the appointment shuttle in 2008 when gas prices were on the rise.

Our appointment shuttle operates year-round from your child’s school or summer camp. We proudly serve all school districts, private and parochial schools. 

To make a reservation, call our office 603-672-0844 and download the forms online! To get started, we must have your completed “Transportation Authorization Form".

  • Transportation Authorization Form: Please complete and return to us before your child's first ride on the shuttle.
  • School Release Form: These pre-printed notes authorize the school to release your child on the day of his/her orthodontic appointment. Feel free to make additional copies as needed. 
  • Shuttle Guidelines: These are guidelines explaining how the shuttle works to ensure a safe and smooth riding experience.
  • Sample Summary: A sample report you receive after each visit.

We happily serve more than 10 school districts for a total of more than 36 schools! For private schools, ask the front desk!

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