From our family to yours

“Great experience, great staff, FANTASTIC results!!” ~ Dianne W.

“Dr. Diane and her team were exceptional through the whole experience! We felt like part of a big family.” ~ Michelle W.

“Best group of professionals ever! Would highly recommend to all our friends in the area! No doubt my son will be coming soon!” ~ Wendy T.

“We have enjoyed every moment of working with Dr. Diane and her staff! Thank you SO much!” ~ Lyn N.

“I’ve never had such an enjoyable experience. Always courteous, informative, and pleasant. Love the WHOLE staff!” ~ Connie D.

“Overall a great experience! Fantastic care and communication.” ~ Kristin M.

“The staff is wonderful. Right when you walk in you are greeted like an old friend. You really get the sense they know you here.” ~ Cynthia M.

“Braces can be very challenging and your team made this a wonderful experience, so much so that my daughter wants to be an orthodontist!!” ~ Tina D.

“I was treated with care every time I came in and I know that everyone who walks through the doors will be treated just as I was.” ~ Kyle O.

“The team at AO has been fabulous. The Appointment Shuttle made the periodic check-ups easy to schedule. The driver made the trips fun. The results are great.” ~ Jack W.

Star Bucks
Rewards Card

Imagine earning points for being a great patient, a great citizen, and having a healthy smile! Join our membership club and earn points for doing all kinds of awesome things! The best part is that you get to use your points to play games, order gift cards and more!

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Star Bucks Point System

Showing Your “All Star” Spirit
Decorating Your Amherst Orthodontics T-shirt (one time) 10
Wearing Your Amherst Orthodontics T-shirt To Your Appointment 2
Wearing  Converse Sneakers To Your Appointment 2
Rewards Points For Being a Great Patient
Being Part Of A New Patient Evaluation 5
Starting Treatment Same Day As Evaluation 10
Great Brushing In Between Visits 2
No Broken Or Loose Appliances 2
Seeing Your Dentist Regularly is Important
Seeing Your Dentist For A Cleaning (Completed Certificate Necessary - Click here to download the Dental Reward Certificate) 4
No Cavities At Your Dental Exam 4
Great Ways to Earn Extra Points
Referring A Friend 30
Having An Appointment On Your Birthday 2
Getting All A’s and B’s On Your Report Card 10
Scheduling between the Hours of 10AM And 2PM 2
Community Service/Donating To A Charitable Organization (2 Points per hour with documentation, 10 Points Max / Month) 2
Online Reviews (Yelp, HealthGrades orFacebook) 10

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